Unevolved Brands

A progressive study on brand & logo simplification by Graham Smith - ImJustCreative.

How many Brands can you recognize after they have been Unevolved to just circles.

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Unevolved Brands Has Moved

Formal notice that I have migrated Unevolved Brands to my Wordpress server. Tumblr has served well me well, no real reason for abandoning the platform other than convenience and having more control over the content and site administration.

It’s been fun watching the amount of people following the site on Tumblr, so it is a real shame to loose all that has been built up over the last few months. In hindsight, I should have taken the time to do it in Wordpress, but it was only a quick idea and I had no idea it would take off as it did. I think novelty has worn off for the most part, but I will keep it updated a few times a week, as and when I come across a worthy brand to unevolve.

Still in the process of migrating previous posts, so things are not totally complete just yet. The end of this week should see me done with the transfer.

If you are still interested in following Unevolved Brands away from Tumblr, just direct yourself to :

http://imjustcreative.com/unevolvedbrands or http://unevolvedbrands.com

If you feel so inclined, you can sign up to the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss any new posts.

Unevolved Brand #132

Brand name has three words. First word has five letters, second word has three letters and last word has five letters.

Unevolved Brand #131

A topical and controversial emblem at the moment with the discovery of the Nazi Graphic Standards Book.

I realise some people may wonder why I have put this up, but it’s history, bad or good, it’s part of what defines us all.

Remember, this is a study in brand simplification and how a mark may still hold its core values even when turned to just circles. A brand is about emotion as well as visuals, and emotion runs good and bad. 

I will not tollerate excessively vulgar and rude comments on this site, if you have a problem with what I have done, please word it in a way that is worthy of a heated discussion.

Unevolved Brand #130

Brand name has six letters.

Unevolved Brand #129

Brand name has seven letters.

Unevolved Brands #128

Brand name consists of three words usually represented by it’s initials, in this case, the three red circles.

Unevolved Brand #127

Bit of a tricky one to this to display in entirety. The brand mark usually appears with a second black and yellow box underneath which contains the brand name, two initials and one word with four letters. So in total, there are six letters usually shown with the above brand mark.

Unevolved Brands #126

Brand name consists of two words with five letters in each.

Unevolved Brands #125

Brand name has one word with five letters.

Unevolved Brands #124

Brand name has two words, each with four letters.

Unevolved Brands #123

Brand name has five letters as represented by the five white circles. Brand mark represented by larger white arrangement.

Unevolved Brands #122

Brand name has five letters as represented by black circles. Green and white circles represent brand mark.

Unevolved Brands #121

A more specialised company. Brand name has five letters, but is not shown in the image. The brand mark shown includes the one initial as represented by the large yellow circle.

Unevolved Brand #120

Brand names consists of eight letters as represented by white circles. Yellow represents brand mark.

Unevolved Brand #119

Like any kind of clue is needed?

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